Small Village, Big History

8000-year old temples with paganistic rock drawings, cute little hills adorned with captivating Ottoman architecture: Welcome to the village that has seen it all.


The history of Kapikiri goes back 8000 years throughout which it was inhabited by the Greek, Roman and Ottoman people. Almost every tradition has transformed during this rich history with the exception of one: olive oil. In fact, olive oil has been the staple food in Kapikiri for 4000 years. Judging by its exquisite taste, it is easy to understand why.


It was the hippies who rediscovered Kapikiri in the 60s. During a stopover in Istanbul on their way to Asia, some made a detour and decided to explore rural Turkey instead. Mesmerized by Kapikiri, many wanted to take a boat tour on lake Bafa, but were unable to communicate with locals because of the language barrier. To indicate the boat, they started imitating the sound the boat motors made: ‘’pat pat pat pat.’’ The locals found this recital so amusing that they eventually kept it as an informal nickname for their beloved village.

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