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Thiswebsite is owned and managed by Tales Untold B.V. (hereinafter referred to as: "TalesUntold""we" or "us").Tales Untold B.V is the owner of Kapikiri PatPat. Our website uses cookies andequivalent technologies, such as pixels and JavaScript (hereinaftercollectively referred to as: "cookies").This Cookies Policy describes what cookies are, which cookies we use, thepurposes for which we use them and the partners with whom we cooperate on this. 
WHAT ARE COOKIES? Cookiesare small text files that are placed on your computer or your mobile phone bythe website you are visiting. Cookies can be used, among other things, to makewebsites function more efficiently or, for example, to ensure that the productsyou add to your shopping cart remain in the shopping cart. Cookies can also beused for various other purposes. In the next section, you can read about thekinds of cookies we use. 
Tales Untold also uses technologies that are equivalent to cookies, such aspixels and JavaScript. 
A pixel is a transparent GIF image that is added to a webpage. The pixels areinvisible. Pixels are used, for example, to measure whether a user has seen awebpage or an email. They enable websites to function more efficiently andenhance their user-friendliness. Alternative names for pixels include: webbeacons, tracking bugs, clear GIFs, pixel tags and 1x1 GIFs. 
JavaScript is a scripting language that is widely used to make web pagesinteractive and to develop web applications. The script is sent back to the webbrowser by means of HTML and is executed in the browser. 
WHAT TYPE OF COOKIESDOES Tales Untold USE?We use functional cookies, analytical cookies and marketing cookies. 

Functional cookies 
Functional cookies ensure that Tales Untold’s´ websites and apps can functioncorrectly. These include, for example, the log-in functionality and the abilityto order products. Functionalcookies do not process personal data.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies collect statistics related to our users. These statisticsenable us to continuously improve our apps and websites. We use thesecookies for:·     Tracking how many visitors visit our website andcomparable statistical information;·     Making analyses, so that we can make a visit toa website as pleasant as possible for our website visitors;·     The optimisation of multiple Google servicessuch as Google Analytics;·     The optimisation of our websites and apps ingeneral.Analyticalcookies do not process personal data.
Marketing cookies
We use marketing cookies to show youpersonalised messages based on your online behaviour. We make use of youronline behaviour to do so because we aim to make our personalised messages asrelevant as possible. We may show this personalised message within our ownwebsite, or outside of our website. We use a number of advertising platformswhere you may encounter such a personalised message. You can see details ofthese in the list of marketing cookies partners below. Finally, we use yourbehaviour and profile to find people who resemble you, so we can turn them intoour fans too.    Because marketing cookies process personaldata, Tales Untold only uses marketing cookies if you have given permission forthis. From the moment you withdraw your permission to use and place marketingcookies, advertisements can still be displayed, but these are randomadvertisements not tailored to you.    

You can make your choice below:
 MY COOKIE PREFERENCE Allow marketing cookies (recommended)You'll see tailor made ads. By doing so, you agree to our use of your browsing,search and shopping behaviour on, with cookies andequivalent techniques, to show you advertisements that match your interests,both in and outside of  Do not allow marketing cookies – You'll see random ads and may have a diminished experience on our websites. Browser settings Byadjusting your browser settings, you can prevent website cookies from beingplaced on your computer. With this change you will receive a warning beforecookies are placed. It is also possible to adjust the settings so that thebrowser refuses all cookies or only cookies from third parties. In addition,you can delete cookies that have already been placed. Settings must be adjustedseparately for each browser on each device that you use. 

It is important to note that if you do not want to use cookies, it is possiblethat not all functionalities on the website will work properly. In addition,refusing cookies does not mean that you will no longer see personalised TalesUntold advertisements. The advertisements will then only be random rather thanadapted to your interests.  Ifyou have chosen above to "refuse marketing cookies", these cookieswill no longer be placed from that moment on. Besides that, you can deletecookie history from your browser. However, it is important to note that not allfunctionalities on the website may work properly as a result. If you visit ourwebsite, we will no longer automatically recognise you and you may, forexample, have to log in again when you want to place an order. Policy changes Wemay change this cookie policy from time to time. If this involves a fundamentalchange that we are required to inform you about, request your permission or ifthe change is relevant to you in some other way, we will ensure that you aregiven the relevant information well before the change actually comes intoeffect. Contact & questionsIfyou have any questions about the cookies used on our website, please contact usvia

Privacy statement
1. INTRODUCTION This is the Privacy Policy of Tales Untold B.V. (Keizersgracht 683, 1017DW Amsterdam, The Netherlands) (hereinafter: “Tales Untold”“we” or “us”). Tales Untold is the owner of Kapikiri PatPat. The proper handling of personal data is extremely important to us. We therefore take great care when processing and protecting your personal data. This is done in accordance with provisions set out in the applicable privacy laws (including the General Data ProtectionRegulation or GDPR).To ensure your privacy as far as possible, we adhere to the following core values:

·     Information: We wish to inform you about why and how we use your personal data. This is described in this Privacy Policy.
·     Limited collection: We take great care to limit the information we collect and use to only that which is necessary for selling our Products (as defined below).

·     Security: We take the appropriate measures to secure your personal data and require the same from the parties that use your data on our behalf.

·     Individuals’ rights:We respect your rights under applicable privacy laws (including the right toaccess, correct, or delete your personal data in accordance with such laws).
This Privacy Policy describes how we implement these core values and how werespect and protect your right to privacy. We strongly urge you to read thisstatement carefully, as it sets out the basis on which we use your personaldata when you buy our products online or other points of sale ( “Products” ), access ourwebsites, interact with us or otherwise use our services and applications(jointly referred to as: "Services"). Please read the following carefully to understand our views andpractices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. 

2. PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT AND USE The personal data we collect about you when you buy our Products or useour Services, include the following (hereinafter jointly referred to as: “PersonalData”):  ·     Your contact details. Your name, postal addressand other contact details, such as your telephone number and e-mail address,and any other contact details you provide to us (including delivery addresswhen you purchase our Products online).
·     Your electronic identification data and otherinformation we automatically collect when using our online Services. Whenvisiting our websites or apps, interfere (opening, clicking, reading,cursor-movement etc.) with our newsletter or being confronted with onlinemarketing advertisements of Tales Untold, we collect data automatically throughyour browser or device, by making use of cookies and other technologies to track visitors on the website (including web analytics), such as your IPaddress, MAC address, your browsing behaviour, the Products and Services you like and the content of your abandoned shopping basket. Please see our Cookie Policy (add hyperlink) to find out more.

·     Your account data. To complete your account at TalesUntold, we use your name, contact details, birthday, and other information you voluntarily provide to us.
·     Your purchases online. To complete your online purchases via the official Kapikiri PatPat web shop or via other official (social media) channels of Tales Untold, we use your name, gender, telephone number, contact details and all relevant information regarding your purchases, such as the amount and date of your purchases, the Product(s) or service you purchase, the device through which you make your purchases, payment method, payment status, bank account details, (employee) discount, voucher code used (if any),gift with purchases (if applicable), optional additional personal card orengraving data, delivery method and delivery address.

·     Your data when subscribing to our newsletter. To be able to provide you with the newsletter of KapikiriPatPat containing inspirationaland commercial content, we use your email address and additional information ifyou add such to your profile, such as name, date of birth. Tales Untold alsosends out personalized newsletters, based on your personal preferences ifyou’ve provided us with those.
·     Your communication data. Any data shared by youwhen communicating with us via email, online, telephone, social media or anyother form, such as questions, requests or complaints.

·     Your ratings and reviews and feedback. The opinions,experiences, preferences and interests and Product- or event reviews that youpublish on our websites or share with us online or through social media.

·     Health data. We can also collect information inrelation to your health, such as regarding your allergies. We will only usehealth data you voluntarily provide us and such only with your prior consent orunder your direction to do so and only for the purposes set out in this PrivacyPolicy. You may refuse or revoke your consent at any time, as set out below(see ‘Your Rights’).  3. PURPOSES OF USE PERSONAL DATA ThePersonal Data we collect is exclusively used for the following purposes:  Forthe performance of our agreement with you: In order tocarry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between youand us, and to provide you with the Products, Services and information that yourequest, including managing and handling your requests, inquiries orcomplaints. This also includes enabling you to make a purchase of our Products,to responding to your requests to provide customer service, respond to yourinquiries, provide you with essential information regarding our Products andServices you request, etc.   Forour legitimate commercial interests: We use yourPersonal Data as described above (both on aggregated and on individual basis)for the purpose of advertising our Products and Services, to contact you viae-mail, regular mail, social media or otherwise for direct marketing or othercommercial purposes. We also use your Personal Data for analysing and improvingthe quality of our Products and Services, such as providing you with customerservices and aftersales, and to understand you as a customer (customer optimalization).This enables us to assess what may interest you, to measure or understand theeffectiveness of advertising we serve to you and others and to deliver relevantadvertising. In addition, based on your use of our Services and Products youpurchased, we may target you with advertisement or other marketing materialsthat are customized to your personal preferences and experiences.  Wemay also use your Personal Data, for our other legitimate commercial interestssuch as to operate and expand our business activities; to develop and improveor modify our Products and Services; to generate aggregated statistics aboutthe users of our Products and Services; to facilitate our business operations;to operate company policies and procedures; to enable us to make corporatetransactions, such as any merger, sale, reorganization, transfer of TalesUntold’s assets or businesses, acquisition, bankruptcy, or similar event; orfor other legitimate business purposes permitted by applicable law. 
Use of information based on your consent: 
If you haven’t purchased any Product from us, we will only send youdirect marketing communications (such as newsletters, promotions, news onproducts or service updates) via email, other electronic means, via telephone orvia hardcopy mail (such as flyers), after we have received your consent to doso.    Weuse your health data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy but wewill only do so after we have received your consent thereto.    Childrenunder the age of 16 cannot legally give their consent. Instead, consent oftheir parent or legal guardian needs to be provided.    Youcan withdraw your consent at any time (see the section Your rights below). Tocomply with our legal obligations: Any Personal Data we collect may be used tocomply with a legal obligation to which we are subject, such as supervisorybodies, fiscal authorities or investigation bodies.  4. SOCIAL MEDIA When you participate in various social media forums like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., you should be familiar with andunderstand the tools provided by those sites that allow you to make choicesabout how you share the personal data in your social media profile(s). Tales Untold is bound by the privacy practices or policies of thesethird parties, so we encourage you to read the applicable privacy notices,terms of use and related information about how your personal data is used inthese social media environments.  Also, depending on the choices you have made regarding your settings onvarious social media sites, certain personal data may be shared with TalesUntold about your online activities and social media profiles (e.g. interests,marital status, gender, user name, photo, comments and content you haveposted/shared etc.). 

5. SHARING YOUR PERSONAL DATA We share your Personal Data with the following parties: ·     Other entities within the Tales UntoldGroup. YourPersonal Data will be shared between the responsible Tales Untold entities thatmay use your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy. An overview ofthe relevant responsible Tales Untold entities can be found here.·     Third Party suppliers. We engagethird parties, from time to time, to help us providing us our Products andServices, including: (i) Business partners, suppliers (such as IT serviceproviders) and sub-contractors; (ii)Contact centers, to assist us on the ConsumerService-department; (iii) Advertising and media companies that carry outmarketing and media activities on our behalf; (iv) Analytics andsearch engine providers that assist us in the improvement and optimisation ofour website and apps, such as Google Analytics. 
In providing their services, they will access, receive, maintain or otherwiseprocess Personal Data on our behalf. Our contracts with these service providersdo not permit use of your Personal Data for their own (marketing) purposes.Consistent with applicable legal requirements, we take necessary steps torequire such Third Party suppliers to adequately safeguard your Personal Dataand only process it in accordance with our instructions and applicable laws.  ·     Corporate transaction.In addition, Personal Data may be disclosed as part of any merger, sale ortransfer of Tales Untold’s assets.
·     Third parties in case of legal requirement.We may also disclose your Personal Data if we believe we are required to do soby law.

·     With consent. We may alsodisclose information about you, including Personal Data to any other thirdparty, where you have consented or requested that we do so, for example in caseof a promotional campaign with another sponsor.  

6. INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA In most cases your Personal Data will be processed within the EuropeanUnion. However, please be informed that Tales Untold may transfer and processany Personal Data you provide to us to countries other than your country ofresidence. The laws of these countries may not provide the same level ofprotection to your Personal Data. Tales Untold or Third Party suppliers we usewill therefore seek to ensure that all adequate safeguards are in place andthat all applicable laws and regulations are complied with in connection withsuch transfer, more in particular for Personal Data transferred to countriesoutside the European Economic Area. This means that we entered into legallynecessary contracts with recipients of your data, including standardcontractual clauses as approved by the European Commission or other supervisoryauthority where required. 

You are entitled to receive a copy of any documentation showing the suitablesafeguards that have been taken by making a request via  

7. SECURITY We will take reasonable steps to ensure that your Personal Data areproperly secured using appropriate technical, physical, and organizationalmeasures, so that they are protected against unauthorised or unlawful use,alteration, unauthorised access or disclosure, accidental or wrongfuldestruction, and loss. 
We take steps to limit access to your Personal Data to those persons whoneed to have access to it for one of the purposes listed in this PrivacyPolicy. Furthermore, we contractually ensure that any Third Party supplierprocessing your Personal Data equally provide for confidentiality and integrityof your data in a secure way.  

8. DATARETENTION We retain your Personal Data for as long as required to satisfy thepurpose for which they were collected and used (for example, for the timenecessary for us to provide you with customer service, answer queries orresolve technical problems), unless a longer period is necessary for our legalobligations or to defend a legal claim. 

9. YOUR RIGHTS Subject to the conditions set forth in the applicable law, you have thethe following rights with regard to our processing of your Personal Data:  ·     Right of access – You have the right to requestconfirmation if Tales Untold processes personal data about you, and if such isthe case, access to the personal data and additional information. Upon request,we can also provide you with a copy of the personal data undergoing processing;

·     Right to rectification – You have the right torequest that Tales Untold corrects, adjusts or completes your Personal Data ifwe have inaccurate or incomplete data relating to you. We also kindly requestyou to ensure that changes in personal circumstances (for example, change ofaddress, bank account, etc.) are notified to Tales Untold so that we can ensurethat your Personal Data is up-to-date. Tales Untold will take all reasonablesteps to ensure that all Personal Data are correct;

·     Right to withdraw consent – You have the rightto revoke your consent for receiving marketing communications at any time, byfollowing the instructions in any marketing communication or by filling in theform as set out below. If we use your Personal Data based on your consent forother reasons than marketing communication, you can revoke your consent byfilling the form as set out below;
·     Right to delete - You have the right to requestdeletion of any irrelevant Personal Data we hold about you when (i) the data isno longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are collected;(ii) you withdraw your consent and there is no other legal ground forprocessing; (iii) you object to the processing in case of direct marketingpurposes, or – in any other case - there is no overriding legitimate ground forprocessing; (iv) we unlawfully processed your data. If you have such a request andall requirements are met, we shall make sure that Tales Untold erases the dataof which we are not under a legal obligation to retain;

·     Right to restriction of data use - You have theright to restrict our use of your Personal Data where (i) you contest theaccuracy of the Personal Data; (ii) the use is unlawful but you do not want usto erase the data; (iii) we no longer need the Personal Data for the relevantpurposes, but you require them for the establishment, exercise or defence oflegal claims; or (iv) you have objected to data use justified on our legitimateinterests pending verification as to whether Tales Untold has indeed compellinginterests to continue the relevant data use;
·     Right to data portability - to the extent thatwe use your Personal Data for the performance of an agreement with you, andthat personal data is processed by automatic means, you have the right toreceive all such Personal Data which you have provided to Tales Untold in astructured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and also to require usto transmit it to another data controller where this is technically feasible;

·     Right to object - to the extent that we arerelying on our legitimate interests to use your Personal Data, you have theright to object to such use, and we must stop such processing unless we caneither demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the use that override yourinterests, rights and freedoms or where we need to process the data for theestablishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. You also have the right toobject to profiling activities conducted by Tales Untold;

·     Right to lodge a complaint - You also have theright to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular in yourMember State of residence, if you consider that the collection and use of yourPersonal Data infringes this Privacy Policy or applicable law.

 10. CHANGES TO THE POLICY This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time. If a fundamentalchange to the nature of the use of your personal data is involved or if thechange is in any other manner relevant to you, we will ensure that informationis provided to you well in advance of the change actually taking effect.

11. CONTACT US If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or our handling ofyour Personal Data in general, please email us at and be sure to indicate the nature of yourquery.